Case Study & Testimonial Videos

Case Study and Testimonial Videos help showcase your brand's success stories. They are some of the most powerful tools in your B2B marketing helping to inform and inspire your target audience. We use our investigative journalism approach to find your company's unique success stories in order to create a compelling message about your product or service.


Product Videos

Product or Explainer videos are the gold standard when it comes to demonstrating how a product or service works and how it is beneficial to your target audience. Once we find out all there is to know about your product or service we develop a narrative using actors, voice over artists and/or animation to demonstrate your product or explain your service. The goal of these types of videos is to leave the viewer with a clear understanding of what your company is offering. 


TV & Web Commercial Campaigns

TV and Web Commercials are creative campaigns produced for broadcast television or for use online such as in Youtube pre-roll ads. These videos are more complex in nature involving many moving parts including regulatory clearances and final distribution. We work directly with clients and agency partners to develop on brand creative and schedule production accordingly. Shoots are typically held at HogTown Films' production facility, on location or at a larger studio if the production requires larger or multiple staging. Our curated crews are comprised of tested and proven professionals who have honed their craft after years of industry experience. 

Experiential Videos

Event Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Brand Activations, all have one thing in common. Their impact can be leveraged by capturing the experience on video. Leverage the marketing experience your company has created with a sizzle reels to share online and on social media portals in order to reach an even wider audience. 


Corporate Communication Videos

Corporate Communication Videos are an effective way for delivering key messages to stakeholders and staff from senior management teams. Our journalistic approach will take your key messages and turn them into scripts that Executives can read with confidence. Further, we supply teleprompters and script direction so that Executives can feel comfortable in the fact that they will look and sound professional on camera and in their delivery. 


POR (Production Company of Record)

Let us become your ‘Production Company of Record’ and address all the challenges of creating new and compelling video content for your company. The POR model evaluates all the media needs across all departments and creates a content schedule for your company. With the growing demand for video many of our clients are moving away from a project based partnership to the POR model. This ensures a consistent brand voice across all messaging and provides significant cost savings in your annual marketing budget.